My name is Christina Joy and I am 20 years old. Among other things, I am a student, a freelance photographer, and people-watcher extraordinaire. This blog is a mason jar for the fragments of my increasingly jumbled soul. Don't be afraid of the monsters under the bed.

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28 February 2012

Your veins are my trenches, my gun is my own

My apologies for my last post, which was rather depressing.  Sometimes I forget that I don't want this blog turning into a platform for my emotional venting.

A few notable updates, for those interested:
  •  I shot my first couples shoot with my new 50mm lens, and it was a blast.  Shooting couples is easier than shooting singles in that the couple gets to interact with each other, requiring less prompting from the photographer (me).  I'll post some of the edited photos as soon as I find the time...or before, depending on how badly I end up procrastinating on other work.
  • Today I found out that I was accepted into a year-long program my school offers for Multimedia Production majors.  It's very hands-on, a combination of intensive classes and off-campus projects.  I have very mixed feelings about joining the program come Fall.  One of the reasons is that I've heard bad things about it from several people--it's not challenging enough, there is a huge emphasis on TV production (which is not my focus at all), some the professors are out of touch with what's cutting edge in the media world.  I guess I'll find out for myself.
  • My boyfriend's band "hired" me to create a website for them.  I'm excited about its progress so far, and will probably do a blog feature on it once it's completed.
That's all I can think of at the moment.  Until my next post, here's a video from a band I recently discovered (Esben and the Witch) that you should listen to.  Great study music.

10 February 2012

It's Friday Night and This is What I'm Doing

I'm scared that this is all for nothing.
I'm scared that I'm at the wrong school.
I'm scared that when this is all over, my degree will be worthless.
I'm scared that I won't be able to go back.
I'm scared.
I'm scared.
I'm scared.