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29 January 2012

Must have lived so long with covered eyes

Trent and I braved the gales and went to the riverside where thorns attached themselves to our pantlegs while we drank fresh air and breathed the notes born of his guitar, scattered by the wind.  The waters had risen so we stayed on the bank, inviting the stares of passersby.  Tulsa can be a beautiful place if you look hard enough.

I am growing dissatisfied with my photography.  They say equipment isn't everything, but it flipping helps.  I am about to purchase a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 from Amazon, which makes me happy.  I know it performs spectacularly because I owned one at the beginning of the fall.  Not as impressive as the f/1.2 or even the f/1.4, but for the price, how could I not get it?

07 January 2012

stop. drop. roll. burn.

Once upon a time my boyfriend and two of his buddies decided to start a band.  First it was The Memos, then it morphed into Pi.  (As in 3.14, not as in apple.)  They jammed and jammed until music oozed out of their ears, and then they jammed some more while throwing in a gig or two when the opportunity presented itself.  Although the three band members all went to different schools in different states, they would come together to jam at every chance they got.

Recently, over Christmas break, they struck gold: a mutual friend said that he would let them use his studio to record a demo album, for free.  And so they packed their gear and spent New Year's week in Austin churning out 9 songs, 8 of which they had written themselves.  It turned out better than anyone had hoped.

I flew in yesterday from Illinois a few days early so I could be reunited with my boyfriend and see Pi play at a local venue.  A good number of people showed up, and they ended up giving away most of the free demo CDs they had burned the night before.  I, of course, took lots of pictures.

All of this to say that their album, You In Colour, is available HERE for free listen and download.  I already posted the crap out of this on Facebook, and since most people who read my blog are friends with me on Facebook anyway, I have no idea if anyone will actually read this and discover Pi for the first time.  But hey, there's a chance, right?  (Yes, this is a shameless girlfriend plug.  But seriously, you should check the album out because it's awesome.)

My boyfriend is the vocalist, by the way.  I fancy him.

04 January 2012

Two thousand eleven.

Last year around this time, I wrote a blog entry about all the things I had learned and accomplished in 2010.  It's crazy to think that since then, another 365 days have come and gone.  365 days of getting out of bed, brushing my teeth, and facing the day.  365 days of words, 365 days of heart-racing, mind-numbing, smile-splitting emotions.  365 nights of sweatpants and vending machine raids and tears and endless typing.  Plus a little sleep for good measure.

2011 marked many changes in my life, and I'd like to write about them here so that a year from now, I will remember that I am living.

Last year, I changed my major from psychology to multimedia production.  I don't think I've ever been so happy about anything in my life.  I am living for my passion and it is amazing.

Last year, I fell in love.  Don't ask me how it happened.  (I'm still trying to figure that one out myself.)  All I know is that I have an incredible lover who is first and foremost my best friend in the world.  Our relationship is a beautiful thing, something at which I marvel every day.

Last year, I learned that relationships are work.  If you want to go beyond the floating-on-air phase and into something deeper, then you will face many difficult conversations and must be willing to compromise.  But the end results are totally worth it.

Last year, I faced my inner demons.  Relapse is no fun, especially when it strikes hard.  In the year 2011, I have dealt with violent moodswings, severe weight loss and gain due to disordered eating, and a brief return to self-injury.  Thankfully, I am now at my healthiest and happiest, and have successfully gone off antidepressants.  Some things that I have learned from all this is that hiding things from people doesn't work, and that the only way to fix things is to be vulnerable and take things slowly.

Last year, I dyed my hair blue.  And I have not yet gotten it out of my system, let me tell you that.

Last year, I questioned my beliefs.  It was bound to happen at some point, as I attend a top Christian school surrounded by people who wear masks.  I am no longer certain of much, but I do know that love is real and it helps you find the truth.  I recognize that life is full of spiritual layers; I only have to find and understand them.  And that is harder than anything.

Last year, I attended my first live concert.  Nothing beats seeing your favorite band for the first time at your first concert.  Arcade Fire in Dallas was incredible.  I will store the memory in my head forever.

Last year, I completed my freshman year of college.  Now that I am a sophomore going into my 2nd semester, I can honestly say that I was an entirely different person back then.  At least now I know never to buy textbooks new, and to leave the cafeteria pizza alone.

Last year, I got serious about my photography.  I not only received my first paid commissions, but upgraded to a Canon 30D and purchased two new lens.  Photography is a field in which I always hope to learn more, and I doubt I will ever tire of it.

Last year, I finally pierced my ears.  19 is old enough, don't you think?

Last year, I watched two of my closest friends be hospitalized for attempted suicide.  Believe me when I say that nothing is more painful or more eye-opening.  Having been hospitalized for mental issues myself, I now see what my friends and family must have been feeling at the time.  More importantly, I have reaffirmed the belief that nobody should be taken for granted, and that there is no such thing as too much loving.

Last year, I recognized the value of extended family.  Since I was a military brat growing up, I never knew any of my extended family.  However, moving to Tulsa meant living within 4 hours of my dad's brother and his family and getting to spend most of my breaks with them.  I have grown especially close to my aunt, with whom I have shared laughter, tears, and lots of good food.  Who knew extended family could be so fun?

Last year, I embraced my natural curls.  You need to realize that I have been fighting my naturally curly hair pretty much all my life, which has resulted in many a blow to my self-esteem.  However, I now have a haircut I love and a styling technique which is not only super quick and easy but also showcases my head full of bounce!  I have never felt so confidant in the way I look.

Last year, I started this blog.  This may not be a huge deal, but I think I have finally found a satisfactory blogging platform in Blogger, and am looking forward to posting lots of photography and expressing more of my thoughts in the future.

There you have it.  2011.  I suppose I rambled a bit more this time, but who can blame me?  It was an important year.

A year ago, I ended my 2010 post by hoping that I could look back at the year 2011 and say that everything changed for the better.  You know what? I think it has. 

Here's to an even better 2012.

03 January 2012

And the world's got me dizzy again

Model: Katie

There is nothing nicer than going out for coffee and taking winding backroads and racing roguish strangers in sedans and parking on a deserted shoulder by a lonely clearing to take photos as cars whiz by, their owners glancing surreptitiously at you through their rearview windows.  I wish such adventures could be mine everyday.

These photos were taken using the freelensing technique and are SOOC.