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07 January 2012

stop. drop. roll. burn.

Once upon a time my boyfriend and two of his buddies decided to start a band.  First it was The Memos, then it morphed into Pi.  (As in 3.14, not as in apple.)  They jammed and jammed until music oozed out of their ears, and then they jammed some more while throwing in a gig or two when the opportunity presented itself.  Although the three band members all went to different schools in different states, they would come together to jam at every chance they got.

Recently, over Christmas break, they struck gold: a mutual friend said that he would let them use his studio to record a demo album, for free.  And so they packed their gear and spent New Year's week in Austin churning out 9 songs, 8 of which they had written themselves.  It turned out better than anyone had hoped.

I flew in yesterday from Illinois a few days early so I could be reunited with my boyfriend and see Pi play at a local venue.  A good number of people showed up, and they ended up giving away most of the free demo CDs they had burned the night before.  I, of course, took lots of pictures.

All of this to say that their album, You In Colour, is available HERE for free listen and download.  I already posted the crap out of this on Facebook, and since most people who read my blog are friends with me on Facebook anyway, I have no idea if anyone will actually read this and discover Pi for the first time.  But hey, there's a chance, right?  (Yes, this is a shameless girlfriend plug.  But seriously, you should check the album out because it's awesome.)

My boyfriend is the vocalist, by the way.  I fancy him.

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