My name is Christina Joy and I am 20 years old. Among other things, I am a student, a freelance photographer, and people-watcher extraordinaire. This blog is a mason jar for the fragments of my increasingly jumbled soul. Don't be afraid of the monsters under the bed.

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31 May 2011

Shards of glass make rotten lovers

There is no refund for souvenirs of the past.

29 May 2011

The past is a grotesque animal

When I was young, I would pretend that the raindrops on the window were having a race.  I would choose a favorite and track its progress with my finger until it disappeared, tail wriggling out of my sight like a renegade tadpole.  Usually it would be the fattest one, or the scraggliest one, on days when I felt like supporting the underdog.  Back then, entertainment was cheap.

I am thinking of doing a photo series about pain.  Specifically what pain means to different people.  Thoughts?

28 May 2011

Such were my pictures of the dead

Fuck it all. I need to get out of here.

27 May 2011

fenêtre ouverte dans l'âme

It all started with an open window.  Caroline's urgent voice reached me in the hallway, there was something I had to see.  That is the way we are, dropping everything at the sign of beauty.  Some rays of light, escaped through the blinds of her window.  A spontaneous photoshoot ensued.

After a couple of years using Wordpress, my feet have stumbled back to Blogspot yet again.  Perhaps this will be their final resting place, who knows?