My name is Christina Joy and I am 20 years old. Among other things, I am a student, a freelance photographer, and people-watcher extraordinaire. This blog is a mason jar for the fragments of my increasingly jumbled soul. Don't be afraid of the monsters under the bed.

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All photographs are my own creations unless otherwise stated, and are not to be re-posted without proper credit to this website or my Flickr account. All content unless otherwise stated © Christina Joy 2011


I'm a firm believer that everyone is full of beauty. Sometimes they can't see it, and that saddens me.
If my work can open someone's eyes to the beauty within, then nothing else matters.
I'm a believer, a fighter, a thinker and an observer.

Let me tell you a story.


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If you have any questions or would like to get together for a shoot, e-mail is best!