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28 November 2011

The harshness of oxygen

There are two reasons why I keep posting old photos.  The first is that my favorite 50mm lens is broken.  (This shall not be remedied for several weeks, when I fly home and my parents can pay to get it fixed as a Christmas gift to me.  Yay parents.)  The second is that my current photos suck.  I could blame it on the kit lens I am using, but that seems like a cop-out, and one thing I abhor is a cop-out.

These photos were taken sometime in September, I think.  Back when my hair was blonde and classes had not yet fully intensified.  Trent and I decided to climb a fire escape and soak in the rays of sun that danced in the air and turned the grass into gold.  I don't remember what we talked about, except that I was fascinated with his stubble through my lens.  Ha, ha.

I mean, look at that.  

Nine days from now, I will be finished with school for the semester.  Classes end on Friday, followed by finals starting on Monday.  As luck would have it, all my finals fall on or before Wednesday.  What will I do the rest of the week before traveling to Dallas with my man?  Sleep, sleep, and sleep some more.  

Bring it on.

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