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21 December 2011

It just crumbles and burns

I'm tired of this blog.
I'm tired of my photography.
I'm tired of caring what other people think.
Basically, I'm just tired.

My family needs to leave Illinois.  After 6 years, we still haven't put down roots.  When I come here, I feel suffocated, as though a great gray mass has moved into my soul and refused to leave.  The atmosphere down south is generally friendlier and less constricting.  If I had to live up here full-time, I might just break. 

There isn't much to do while I'm here other than lounge around the house and shop until my money has been used up.  I cook and clean until someone else takes over, assuring me that "it's my break, I should just relax."  I am far removed from the girl who used to do everything for everyone.  I would miss it, except I was a lot unhappier back then.  Now I am just lazy.


  1. Ugh. I know what you mean. :-P I just want to get out of here. I love my family, but that's it. If my dad would just get a job in the middle-of-nowhere-Wyoming I'd be perfectly content. ♥

  2. aww. I want to move, too. I'd miss certain people a lot, but it would be so refreshing to kind of start over.